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QWR R&D Labs is a research group focussed on developing core technologies that enabled spatial computing devices.

CMF, Sensor Fusion, Spatial Intuition, SLAM, wirelessADB etc. are a few areas of focus

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QWR Research and Development is an eportfolio expansion project of Question What's Real

Research and development activities include Nano-fabrication, Optomechatronics for Computer Vision, Robotic calibration equipment, photonics, Ultra Low power Mobile Computation, Carbon Neutral Material Research, Lithium-ceramic battery, Level 3 Autonomous Modular Electric Vehicle Chassis, Artificial Intelligence, Lightwave system, Level 3 Automated Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly Process, Optics and Display Research, Non-invasive Brain to Machine interfaces research, Real-time Haptics Research, Construction Material research Etc.


R&D Partners

EON Reality

Volumetric Capture, Photogrametry

Volumetric capture technology converts a person, object, or place into 3D digital data and reproduces it as a high-quality image. This is a type of free-viewpoint video technology that captures the entire real world and allows it to be viewed from any viewpoint.

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Intelligent Defence Technologies

The value of an Eye for the brain is 100X than that of a computer but the camera to a computer is 1,00,000X that more powerful.

"The future depends on what you do today." - Mahatma Gandhi

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OEM & ODM Services

As an ESDM company, we provide end-to-end OEM and ODM services from EVT, DVT, CMF, SMT, PCBA, Sensor calibration and final assembly. We specialize Head worn devices, Spatial Computers, any vision-based systems. and much more.

We not only offer ODM, OEM services, but help our clients choose the right strategy in terms of both hard and soft technology to best suit their Go2Market strategy.

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