Real Lite Series

Ultra Modular Head-Up Display

The bicycle to the human, is the Litex to the workforce. A head-up display that does it all.
WHY a head-up display?

The Google Glass was too early for it time? 

True. We think now is the time!

More than 60% of field workers, which is almost 35% of the entire working people on this planet, use their hands for performing tasks.

A simple display in the air that allows these users to focus and deliver tasks while helping them with their display needs, has found the right place in the hearts of our enterprise customers. Timing, Cost, Modular Design & Application Effectiveness brought to you by the Real Lite Series. 


Features like never before

Better Display

Display - 800p X 480p
Refresh Rate 75Hz  

Powerful CPU

CPU - 1.3 Ghz QuadCore 

Ultra Light

Weight 40g 

Ample Storage

Built-in Storage 32 GB 

High-res Camera

8MP Camera 


Touch and Voice control 

Battery Life

6 to 8 hour battery life 

Modular Design

Multiple attachement units

We offer the best

The LiteX has infinite potential in various use-cases and industries


With AI on edge you can detect wanted faces in real-time & have your evidence beamed to the nearest first response instantly.


40% of time saved is 40% of your e-commerce customers happy about receiving their order sooner. You can now scan barcodes, QR codes by just looking at them.


Everything from beaming your patients vitals by recognising their face or having a remote assistance during fatal times.

Remote Assistance

No longer would you have to wait for that mechanic to show up. Just point at your problem and have them help you fix it


No more long orientation, induction programs. With indoor navigation, Object Detection & realtime instruction. You will no longer need training.

And much more...

The LiteX has more applications than we can think off. Join us on this mission to make LiteX the empowering tool in your industry.

Intrested in exploring the usecases LiteX Series for your Company, Institution, Establishment or Government?

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Manuel Bailey
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Bernice Rogers
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"It really saves me time and effort. Designer is exactly what our business has been lacking."

Jesus Chapman

The LiteX series is only for enterprise sale.*

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